Flatpress is a Open-source software developed by Edoardo Vacchi under the GNU GPLv2 License. Since 2018, FlatPress is taken care of by Arvid Zimmermann.

Offically Flatpress web site

Flatpress is alive and will be further developed. It is worth to visit the official site more often again :)


The German Language Pack is now included in the officially Flapress Versions and can be used directly without uploading the Language Pack from this page.

Older Things, no longer relevant…

Here you get only patches to run Flatpress 1.0.3 with newer PHP versions. They are no officially Flatpress patches, because they are only developed for own use. But they can be used for free like FlatPress under the GNU GPLv2 License.

Please do a full backup of your Flatpress Blog before adding any patch!

For instructions how to do a full backup please refer the Flatpress Basics Wiki article
» http://wiki.flatpres … /en:doc:basic:backup

PHP 5.6 patch for Flatpress 1.0.3

Download this patch if your blog is on a webserver with PHP 5.6. For more instructions see the patch description included in the download.
» Download PHP 5.6 patch including patch description

PHP 7.1 - Current Development Snapshot

This patch is the current PHP 7.1 Development Snapshot for Flatpress 1.0.3 and is only superficial, without third-party plugins, tested.
» Download PHP 7.1 Development Snapshot

Other Downloads

German language pack for Flatpress 1.0.3
» Download german language pack for Flatpress 1.0.3


  • October 2019

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