New Flatpress 1.1 Version

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February 2019

Yesterday the new FlatPress 1.1 “Da capo” is available for download and can be used under PHP 7.3 in productive Environment :D

For more information take a look here:
Flatpress Blog - FlatPress 1.1 “Da capo” is here!

PHP 7.3 Development

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February 2019

I tested the current Github Version of Flatpress with PHP 7.3.1 and it looks really stable. The standard Functions of the Github Flatpress Version can be used without a displayed error and it seems that the new Flatpress Developer has done a great Job.

Not ready for production use, but just before :D

Edit: 16. Februar 2019
The current Github Version from 13. Februar 2019 is running stable with PHP 7.3.1. A few Tasks are open on the Github ToDo, but all looks really good :)

You can take a look on GitHub here: … tpressblog/flatpress

FlatPress lives

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February 2019

Since November 2018 the Flatpress project has been taken over by a new Web Developer.

As can be seen from the Flatpress blog, a Flatpress Version for PHP 7.x is available and will be further developed.

» Flatpress Blog - Current status

More Infos in the next time :)


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