Patch description

Image php56-php74.jpg
Debug Info: 03/07/2020


  • Patch for PHP 7.4 version
  • Fixed PHP Deprecated warnings
  • Adding handling for Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection
  • Fixed some bugs in the Admin Interface
  • Correction of Category, Gallery and Uploader Management
  • Correction of the highlight and emoticons functions
  • Fixed some bugs in the moziloCMS syntax

The patch need the original moziloCMS 1.12 beta 3 version as base, because the main focus of porting was to keep the version and used functionality ;)

Limited features

  • 1 user system only
  • Many categories, but only one submenu level
  • Meta tag "description", only for entire Website, not for single pages
  • Multi-Language only works with several moziloCMS sites
  • HTML 5 difficulties, figure, table summary ...

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